Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 on Tuesday

My first 10 on Tuesday!

This is one of my first cars, about 12 years ago :( I won't say here how fast it could go but man, was it fun! :)
This week's 10 on Tuesday is 10 Ways to Have Fun on Long Car Rides which is good seeing as I am still in the middle of fiber festival season and certainly clocking in the miles.

1. play lots of music, really loudly!

2. play I spy

3. play "who can spot the big sign 1st" (this kept my daughter and younger sister occupied for a good hour on a very stressful trip to PA last year!).

4. knitting (not if you're driving, of course).

5. paint your nails :)

6. catch up on reading (I'm one of the few that can still do this without getting carsick).

7. stare out the sunroof at the trees and such flying by (man, I miss having a sunroof!)

8. time to calmly wind yarn on your hand or nostepinne.

9. catch up with each other on what's going on at school, work, etc.

10. most recently I listened to a George Carlin cd on the ride to PA and it was great, I should be listening to those much more often!

Anything I missed?? :)


  1. Wasn't this the car that the Mac Truck hit?

  2. This was actually the second one. The other was the same car. I loved it, that car saved my life. Too bad they make them out of fiber glass that smooshes now instead of good ol' steel! :)

  3. don't forget singing our favorite songs for miles on end with ur best friend!!!!! We r way over due for a long ride of singing songs......yahoo!! u no who??? :}