Monday, February 15, 2010

THAT day...

So, today was Valentine's day, I don't really DO Valentine's day. It tends to be to me what Friday the 13th is to some people, so I try to avoid remembering that it's coming and am quite content when it's over with and the 15th comes along (which for those of us in NY, looks like is going to be another day of snow!) I, however, was pleasantly surprised with how I was able to spend my dreaded "V-day". My lovely sister came for a sleepover (I can still say sleepover, she's 8), I made chocolate covered strawberries w/ some dark organic choc. chips from the nature food store and dyed yarn. I was also given this:

A really pretty picture that I have been wanting for some time from a small chocolate and gift shop in the village nearby. I thought it would be perfect for my daughter's room but now that it has been given to me as a gift it may go somewhere else. There is a lot of transition in my life right now so it may just stay safely wrapped for a bit. But isn't it lovely?

Oh, and speaking of yarn, I did post some new yarns in the shop and have many more to put up tomorrow night and Tuesday (bring it on snow!).
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Hope that your Valentine's Day was pleasant and full of things to make you smile!

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