Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Endless Mountains Fiber Festival Review

Serendipity Hand-dyed and Hand-painted Yarn & Roving had it's first show booth at this years Endless Mountains Fiber Festival in Harford, PA. It was a lovely show, perfect size if you ask me. You could walk the show in one day, decide what you like the most and go back around to buy, which many people did! I met lots of great people and got lots of great feedback on the yarn. We sold all but one of the roving so I will be dyeing more of that in the very near future!

There was plenty of fiber (and lots of alpaca) for everyone but it wasn't crowded at all like some of the larger shows have become. There were some animals like these llamas who were across from our booth:

And some colored goats that were for sale (aren't they adorable!):

The weather was a bit iffy the first day with off and on rain but that made for a good bunch of people who showed up knowing it was inside a barn and would be covered, second was nicer. I had lots of fun and will definitely be going back again next year. I would recommend this fiber show to anyone who can make it.
In Serendipity Shop news, I have to be out of town this weekend but next week will be posting a large amount of new colorways and with this chill in the air, will be running a little sale.


  1. It WAS a lovely show, and very nice meeting you! Maybe I'll see you next year ;-)

  2. Are you going to Rhinebeck? My daughter and I were supposed to go, but ... well, family happens and we won't be able to. Perhaps next year.

  3. I am going to be there, not as a vendor though, just enjoying! I'm hoping this bad weather gets out of here in time! I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't able to make it, there's always next year!