Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So much to write, so little time....

Well, as usual it has been awhile since my last post but I have so much to post about! So the next few days promise to be filled with lots of goodies! Since last time Serendipity has been at Clermont, MA Sheep & Woolcraft Festival, spring has come (and in the NE gone straight to summer!), we've seen some graduations and joined a local CSA.

To start where I left off: Clermont Sheep & Wool Showcase-
Rovings ready to bought up (hopefully)-

My stand at Clermont (well, one part of it anyway).

Some bright, yummy fingering weight yarns.

Pretty and lucious alpaca/wool blends.

Some llamas that my daughter seemed to be enthralled with (she pulled up a chair and made herself right at home).

My view from the booth of some lovely fibers, nice people and spinning wheels!

After Clermont I got back to a prayer shawl that I've been knitting for my dear, sweet best friend who has both kidney disease and lupus and needs a little something nice to be wrapped in! (more pics when it's actually finished!).

I finished some socks in April!! They are the black dress socks I was dying to finish LAST YEAR!! But....at least they are done so I won't harp on myself for too long!

I will be dyeing yarn tomorrow and posting to the shop on Thursday and Friday with some new yarns and roving. But be sure to come back tomorrow for some new stuff, we move on to May!!

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