Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Catch-up in pictures....

Local Garden Show (sorry for the bad pics, they were taken with my cell phone):
A nice, potted arrangement of sedums...somethings I may do if I get the time...

I wonder if I can build one of these to sit under.....

The new addition to the family, my dear...Stella!!!! (She's an older Ashford Traditional single drive, single treadle that I found through the forums on Ravelry and just happened to be close by! I'm having fun learning.)

And Zhu, Zhu pets (small hamster toys that make noise and roll all over) have taken over.......apparently these are the must-haves these days. (Anybody remember tickle-me elmos??? Going to get these was something like that, the same moms at each store looking for them before they were sold out, crazy! I highly dislike these types of things.)

What have you been up to as Spring unfolds?

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