Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rhinebeck in pictures:

This year's Sheep & Wool Festival was last weekend and I was there both days.
There were alpacas (but the pictures came out blurry). So this is all I have :(

Some majestic llamas said hello:

Sheep competitions:

A yurt (which was very warm inside!!)

Some sheep (which I thought looked like they had alpaca faces) apparently (according to the sign near them), they are Border Cheviots (so cute!):

I loved the face of this ram, I took a bunch of pictures of him but he kept moving, finally hejust sat his face on the fence as if to say, "here, cheese"!

A goat trying to escape:

A nice man, knitting with some BIG sticks!

Lots of crowds:

With pretty fall colors:

Mmmmm....gyros for lunch:

And a nice bunch of new purchases!
How was your Rhinebeck?

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