Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And then there were four....

Broken needles that is. I have NEVER broken a knitting needle and I have knitted quite a few socks. I have only ever used some kind of wood (usually bamboo) so I was excited to get these needles (Knit Picks Harmony DPNs) but now, not so much. I have been (very slowly) plugging along with the Classic Socks and then night before last this happened:

I have NEVER broken a knitting needle before these and I have knitted quite a few socks. Two of them were broken when I was on the ribbed edging at the top of the cuff (my sister and daughter were playing and landed on them, no injuries just 2 broken needles!). I was able to knit with one as long as I only used one side, then a 3rd broke WHILE I WAS KNITTING and a 4th snapped (along with my patience) while I was checking how far along I was against my leg. Needless to say I am not happy about it. Since I very obviously could not use these for the rest of this project I have switched to some bamboo dpn's and have been continuing along just fine.
Hopefully, I will finish these sometime in the near future! I really like the pattern and the way they are turning out but they seem to be taking forever. The pattern is written to be done two at a time but I (stupidly) decided to do them on DPNs and now have to start all over again with the second sock (Arghhhh!). I keep reminding myself STRESS FREE Summer of Socks but am beginning to wonder why I didn't start my Rhinebeck sweater instead! Any idea what to do with these??

I have no words...


  1. I thought you removed someone from your boarding house! (haha - the eldest perhaps :))

  2. Hi, Emily - I met you at the market in Montgomery a few weeks ago - sorry I don't see another way to email you - could you email me back at kenna@rcls.org (we talked about a Craft Fair I'm doing at Christmas & your church group.) Thanks!