Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eve

Not quite used to posting yet, I have to remember to take pictures as I'm doing things I guess. Anyway, I spent sometime in the dye pots the other day and when they were dry today we had this:

Some are a yummy alpaca/wool blend and the others are 100% alpaca and some superwash wool for socks. I should have them reskeined by Monday so they can be listed in the shop this week. I dyed more last night as well so those are hanging to dry. Will post pics soon.

Today was a very busy day running out to the store, etc. so no new progress knitting wise unfortunately. I feel like I haven't knitted in a million years since I started dyeing yarn. It's funny though the other night I picked up my needles on the socks I'm working on and I realized how nice it felt! I'm not sure if it was because I was taking time for myself or what but, I really LOVE knitting! I'm not by any means a method knitter because I like to really accomplish something and the idea of ripping things out drives me crazy. I'm of the belief that it WILL fit SOMEBODY. However, there's something so calming about it at the same time. I knit to relieve stress since I have fibromyalgia and need to find ways to relax. So in the coming weeks I am going to try and set a goal to knit a bit daily, we shall see how it goes ( I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you).

A fun thing to mention: We have shares of the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm in Hopewell Junction, NY and I along with many, many others have been watching the lambcam on Ravelry eagerly awaiting the birth of the many goat kids. Today the first was born! I missed it but it was apparently very exciting. I was planning on heading over there today but decided against it since it was raining until the mid-afternoon. Hopefully, we will get over there this week and see some babies! I will post pictures, if I can remember to bring the camera!

Tomorrow is Easter so I have to go and spend the night baking pies now (Chocolate Cream for the kids and Maple Pecan for my Momma). Will try to blog more in the future. Happy Easter!

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  1. I want to come see how you do this! I miss you :)